An accomplished product designer entrusted me with the task of crafting a logo that would embody the essence of his brand, known as Nonlinear. The brand Nonlinear encapsulates the preference for a dynamic, trial-and-error approach over traditional methods, valuing iteration and potential leaps in progress rather than a predictable, linear trajectory.
Brand attributes
Taking into account all the information and brand attributes describing the brand, I distilled everything down to its core essence. This clarity guided me in crafting stylescapes as the subsequent phase.
Stylescapes serve as preliminary design blueprints that capture the brand's anticipated emotional tone and ambiance during its exploratory phase. This step ensures that the client aligns with the envisioned artistic direction before delving into logo creation, guaranteeing mutual understanding and agreement.
My logo design process involves the client at every step, ensuring that the logo or brand identity genuinely resonates with the brand's essence and aligns with their vision.
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